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Recording Artist, Musician, Entertainer... laidbackacousticrockpopfunkyfolkydeliciousness What people are saying: Hi Nathan! We have been so busy ever since the wedding, but I have been meaning to send you an email ever since. What a simply amazing performance you gave at our wedding!! We are so pleased! You have a fabulous voice...we...
Thots   Title: The continent of contentment Authored by: NAJ - Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer Posted: 10/10/13 Just a quick note to say thanks to YOU the fans that I've met and/or made this year - I appreciate your enthusiasm, support, love - or all of the above. I recall many, many great (and...
Here, There and Everywhere Bring Nathan's music to your event! Nathan performs primarily solo, occasionally as duo (with backing percussionist) or as a full-band. He has played many venues and events. A respected vocalist, guitarist, and entertainer, he is currently based on the East Coast of the USA, but performs abroad as...
Merchandise & Promotional Material Nathan Adam Johnson Merchandise ... The latest Release Dames, Dreams, and Other Dreary Things. Click the iTunes or CD Baby links! The latest release boasts 12 original tracks that fans of his laid-back rock stylings have come to expect. With strong melodies and lyric finesse,...
Dames, Dreams And Other Dreary Things This effort offers up 12 tracks, collectively called Dames, Dreams and Other Dreary Things. While never predictable or a cookie-cutter, this album at it's core is laid-back, acoustic-oriented rock . Clever, memorable, earthy, unique type of stuff. Nathan wrote, arranged, and produced all songs...

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The Fall 2010 Release
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Nathan's latest release offers 12 new tracks of simply great laid-back rock songs - The type you'll find running through your head even after the music has stopped. Staying the course as an original artist, Nathan has put together a fresh mix of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, tasty harmonies,...
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Nathan's 3rd independent CD The Feeling I Got was released in November 2007, and contains 13 tracks written, arranged and produced by the the artist himself. Fan favorites include: Little Miss Amazing with it's sexy Jack Johnson vibe, Rain, which invites the listener into a private rainy-day escape, and Songs That Make Me Think About You , a song-title filled with irony.

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Album Notes:
Seethe (rhymes with breathe) is the second recording from Nathan, having been released in July 2002 on the Fortunate Music label. The title track was inspired by the 1996 Barry Levinson directed movie "Sleepers" a phenomenal film which follows the...

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NATHAN JOHNSON (or the Pennies CD)
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Album Notes:
The self-titled, ten song recording Nathan Johnson, (sometimes referred to as the Pennies CD or Many Pennies), is Nathan's first release, and still a favorite with many fans. It's a solid showcase for Nathan's voice, as well as....

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